The Vitamin D Course

This Course Has Been 7 Years in the Making:

Here's My Story with Endometriosis, Fatigue, suspected MS and Vitamin D3:

Let Me Teach You How to: Boost Your Immune System with Vitamin D & Natural Supplements to Combat Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Flu and Support Your Overall Health

Have you heard about the Coimbra Protocol or the benefits of taking high doses of Vitamin D3?

What I'm about to reveal to you might be the answer you've been praying for.

This could mean the difference between chronic pain, suffering, and an optimal immune system — just like it was for me and many others.

Supplementing Vitamin D3 is one of the BEST decisions I ever made for my health and wellness journey.

Watch my story in the video above, if there was hope for me, I believe there is hope for you too! That is why I made this course.

— Vanessa Raphael

Author of «The Vitamin D Lifestyle and Recipe Book» and founder of
«The Vanessa Protocol - A Quest To Reverse Autoimmune Diseases Naturally» 

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Why Vitamin D3 Is More Important than You Think

First, I need to ask you this... are you consuming enough Vitamin D to help protect your immune system? 

Have you recently taken a Vitamin D3 test, and the results show you have a Vitamin D deficiency? If so, you are not alone, I’ve been there.

When I discovered that when our bodies lack Vitamin D3, we are more susceptible to cancer, diabetes, MS, heart disease, fibromyalgia, kidney disease, dental problems, weight gain, depression, the list goes on... (Source:

It made me stop and think — this could be it. This could very well be what my body needs. I’ll explain why shortly.

Dispelling Misleading Medical Myths 

Vitamin D has been found helpful in fighting the flu, dealing with autism, autoimmune disease, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, MS, cancer, neuromuscular diseases, and more. (Source:

However, there is a lot of misleading information about this very complex vitamin. Unfortunately, this has dissuaded many people from taking Vitamin D who need help.

Maybe you’ve been told that in order to get a sufficient amount of this essential vitamin, all you need to do is stand in front of the sun for 15-minutes. 

Myths like this are about as accurate as the 5-Second Rule. When you drop food on the floor, the amount of bacteria on the fallen food depends on how contaminated the floor is — not how many seconds the food stays there.

For the past 10-15 years, health experts have been saying that the lack of vitamin D is a global health crisis. 

Were you aware that in the USA alone, approximately 42% of the population is Vitamin D deficient(Source:

Experts have been saying that for many years, but the health community (which translates to: medically trained Big Pharma sponsored doctors) has "ignored" the facts.

Imagine how many people are Vitamin D deficient in countries, like my own, Norway. (We lack the sun in sufficient amounts for about 8 months every year!)

As a matter of fact, during the Coronavirus crisis, researchers in several countries have found that being Vitamin D deficient is the common factor in 98.9% of COVID-19 deaths. (Source:

You’ll hardly ever hear this from fake news reporters. Not even from the better ones, unfortunately.


Instead, you got “wannabe experts” rising to fame being featured everywhere, saying there is nothing we can do, but to wait for their vaccine. 

But, in the meantime, they tell you to just mask up, wash your hands for 20-seconds as you sing Happy Birthday twice. Don’t touch your face; stay 6-feet apart. Stay home, and don’t go out unless you REALLY have to. Then maybe, just maybe, you’ll be okay.

Not once do you hear about how using nutrition and natural supplements can support your immune system to help fight against the disease? That’s almost unheard of.

No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I'm speaking from true experience. I know what it's like! You have to admit, there’s some truth behind some medical theories. For instance, some believe BIG Pharma stands in the way of wellness and healing. 

There has never been a more critical time than NOW to regain control of your health. Many times, finding a solution to the root cause(s) of illness is easier than you think, and it doesn’t require toxic drugs and treatments.

Knowing how to use Vitamin D and other supplements should be common knowledge. Sadly, it used to be, but no longer. This needs to change!

Knowledge is POWER! 

Take Back Your Health!

For a LIMITED time, you can gain access to my Vitamin D course for a special low price. 

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Do you or a loved one suffer from Fatigue, Endometriosis, chronic pain, or even MS? I can relate. I remember being sick with a prolonged sinus infection, thyroid problems, Fatigue, Endometriosis, suspected MS and low Vitamin D levels(See the "My Story" video above, if you have not watched it yet)

I felt such an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. Engaging myself in simple routine tasks that most people take for granted would wipe me out. 

My poor health affected every aspect of my life. Getting out of bed, cooking, folding laundry, and spending time with my family was physically draining. I barely made it to my mum's funeral.

A knowledge deficit doctor here in Norway once prescribed what seemed like a randomly low dose of Vitamin D. I thought to myself, are you serious?! I wonder how many other patients received this kind of advice, and actually followed!

My doctor's suggestion didn’t sit well with me. I decided to get a second opinion. I set out on a mission to research Vitamin D3. 

I stumbled upon Facebook group after group and discovered the Coimbra Protocol. Back then, this type of information was scarce — this was 7 years ago.

During this time, my mum was suffering from Primary-Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS). She had started experiencing symptoms in her early forties. Eventually, she became paralyzed from the mouth down and passed away at the young age of sixty-three.

Witnessing my mother’s demise was a traumatic experience for me. On top of that, I was trying to figure out what was going on with my health. I never felt so distraught. 

But, something inside of me compelled me not to give up hope just yet! 

Oftentimes the painful effects from illness feel so unbearable you would do anything just to get relief — even if it does more harm than good. 

I believe there is a natural solution to every health problem that exists. I also believe that knowledge is power, and you can start regaining control over your health once you have access to the right information about Vitamin D. 

You don’t have to settle for the big pharmaceutical companies' roadmap for your health or the health of your loved one, which is motivated by profits — not recovery and healing. 

The Path to Restoring Your Health

Most people are deficient in this essential vitamin severely. Sadly, they aren’t even aware of it — this can have devastating consequences.

If it feels like there is no relief to your body aches, chronic fatigue, and ailments caused by Vitamin D deficiency, or you feel like you're constantly spinning your wheels throughout your health journey, my Vitamin D Course can be a step in the right direction. 

If you suffer from the following symptoms, Vitamin D deficiency may be a contributing factor — this course is for you.

You struggle with one or more autoimmune diseases such as Endometriosis, MS, Lupus, PCOS, IBS, Psoriasis and most autoimmune diseases 

Thyroid and hormonal imbalances can be a sign of low Vitamin D levels.

You get sick often. If you battle with colds or the flu, usually, you could have low Vitamin D levels.

Chronic fatigue and sleepiness. Feeling sleepy throughout the day (even with 7-8 hours of sleep) could be a sign of Vitamin D deficiency.

Hair loss. If your hair is falling out by the handful, this could be a sign of lack of Vitamin D.

Back pain or bone pain. If you are suffering from frequent lower back pain or painful bones, Vitamin D deficiency could be part of the problem.

You are depressed. Depression could be linked to low Vitamin D levels.

Weight gain. If you battle with losing weight you are likely to have insufficient Vitamin D levels.

Frequent headaches. Migraines and headaches are not just painful; they can be life-altering. You could lack this essential vitamin.

That’s not all. If you can relate to any of these risk factors, this course is also for you.

—You are elderly.

—You stay indoors.

—You have dark skin.

—You are a vegan.

—You have poor nutrition.

—You are overweight or obese.

Regardless of who you are, everyone is susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency. 

In my course, you will learn what is not widely known. I will also share my miraculous results of taking high doses of Vitamin D3.

As a result of taking my course, you will gain knowledge so that you can take back control over your health. 

You will learn how taking Vitamin D can help support your immune system, that way you can help fight chronic pain and diseases like Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer and Dementia. (Source:

Maybe your goal is to lower your blood pressure or reduce fatigue simply, so you can feel better, and improve your quality of life. 

Or maybe you want to find a way for your husband to not get "the man-flu" this season. :-)

Regardless of where you are on your health journey, this course will guide you to find ways for you to improve your own well-being, using only natural supplements, so you can feel better, and enjoy life more. 

What’s Inside My Vitamin D Course?

—The 4 Levels of Vitamin D3 Therapy

—Vitamin D3 Safety

—Vitamin D3 For Black / Dark Skin

—Vitamin D3 For Kids

Detoxification, Iodine, Oxalates, Exercise, and more

What Will You Receive?

You get:

—8 modules over 14 days with more than 20 video lessons (ca 3h total length)

—Downloadable PDF with links to recommended supplements

For a LIMITED time, you can gain access to my Vitamin D course for a reduced price.

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Results (and a Nobel Prize) are the Proof...


The Truth About Vitamin D & Natural Supplements to Help Support the Immune System:

What Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You to Know

Previously, I mentioned that using Vitamin D and other natural supplements should be common knowledge. Prior to the 1950s, before Big Pharma came rampaging through the health system like a bull in a china shop, Vitamin D was the perfect remedy in the eyes of many physicians.

Physicians and scientists like Niels Ryberg Finsen. In 1903, he won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery that concentrated sunlight (now known as Photobiomodulation) was the sole cure against a horrific looking skin disease known as Tuberculosis Luposa (Lupus Vulgaris). 

Even a crater on the Moon is named in Finsen’s honour for his breakthrough discovery. Yet today we have forgotten about the power of the sun and Vitamin D.

Tuberculosis Luposa (Lupus Vulgaris) used to be a big issue! In the 19th century, the chronic and progressive nature of this disease remained highly active for 10-20+ years, and was resistant to all treatment. Until Finsen's breakthrough discovery of sunlight therapy.


At the Royal London Hospital there is a bronze statue of Queen Alexandra of Great Britain, with the following inscription:

“Queen Alexandra always took a personal & sympathetic interest in the hospital’s work and in nineteen-hundred introduced to England the Finsen light cure for lupus and presented the first lamp to this hospital.”

Notice the word “lamp”? The word lamp is used because it was discovered that in Great Britain, Scandinavia, North America and in fact anywhere in the world more than 35 degrees north or south of the equator, at certain times of the year, the sunlight isn’t strong enough, so back then special "sunlight lamps" were used as Vitamin D supplementation was not yet available.

So teaching others how to use something so common as sunlight and Vitamin D3 means receiving a Nobel Prize and a bronze statue

I wonder why you and I haven’t heard about this before now?

I’ll tell you why:

This doesn’t produce residual profits!


The more people, like you, have control over your own health, wellness and lifestyle, the less likely you are to need to pay for expensive medical treatments for a prolonged period of time. 

Their goal is to keep you in the dark. So-called medical experts will go as far as highlighting the dangers of taking Vitamin D3 and other "alternatives", so they can prescribe drugs for life. Healing and cures just aren’t as profitable.

In this Vitamin D Course I will not only teach you about Vitamin D3, I share an assortment of related natural supplements and how to support your immune system and the body as a whole.

From my own experience I have found that the body needs more than just high dosing of Vitamin D3 (as assumed in the Dr. Coimbra Protocol), it also needs other natural supplements, such as Iodine and Magnesium. As well as getting enough sleep, exercise, fresh air and healthy, clean food.

The body also needs serious detoxing, to get rid of heavy metals and parasites. And, I am not talking about just drinking green juice—but detoxing on a cellular level.

There are numerous doctors and so-called “experts” who say good nutrition and/or natural supplements, such as Vitamin D3 is unnecessary. Mainly because they cannot patent and sell you what nature creates naturally.

They go as far as highlighting the "hidden dangers". Have you ever heard that too much Vitamin D3 is extremely dangerous? This is a half-truth. 

Let the real experts speak, like The Vitamin D Council. They recommend much higher daily doses than your average doctor most likely ever will prescribe.

My Norwegian doctor’s recommendation was 12x lower than it should have been!

About this Vitamin D Course (and my book)

In this Vitamin D Course, I will share various lessons, case studies, patient’s testimonies and my research and experience based on the book I wrote entitled: «The Vitamin D Lifestyle and Recipe Book». (Available on Amazon)

In the course, I share how the use of Vitamin D and other supplements can support a healthy immune system.

As mentioned previously, I have gone through a long and painful health journey for over 7 years with fatigue and endometriosis, which have been drastically reversed. 

I only used natural supplements, and my local doctor, who said there is no cure and only temporary relief with an operation, has now taken notice!

You might have also heard of the «Dr. Coimbra Protocol» or «Personalized Vitamin D3 Therapy against MS». I will share my experience and review of the use of high doses of Vitamin D against such autoimmune diseases. Including real testimonies of people using high doses of Vitamin D3 and how they really are doing today.

That is why I made this course for you.

To your health!

— Vanessa Raphael

For a LIMITED time, you can gain access to my Vitamin D course for a reduced price!

• 14 days with over 20 video lessons on Vitamin D, Iodine and other natural supplements, detoxing, healthy nutrition, exercise (also if your mobility is limited)

• Testimonies from other patients (with real results, ups and downs)

• Links to recommended supplements



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© by Vanessa Raphael, Author of «The Vitamin D Lifestyle and Recipe Book» and founder of
«The Vanessa Protocol - A Quest To Reverse Autoimmune Diseases Naturally»