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I know that sounds like a lot, almost too good to be true, but Vitamin D3 is neither unimportant, nor as toxic and scary as you might have been let to believe. Vitamin D3 is one of the main "tools" you have to boost your immune system and I will introduce you to how you can use it optimally


— Vanessa Raphael

Testimonies about Vitamin D3


“Gradually the symptoms of each disease are disappearing. I no longer have symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, or Sjogren’s Syndrome. Depression and blood pressure are controlled without medication. I have had no further asthma attacks. Osteopenia is gone, too.”

From her testimony in my book «The Vitamin D Lifestyle and Recipe Book»


“Due to MS I was very temperature sensitive. However some days ago my hubby and I went to a restaurant, usually I have to wear my coat in restaurants because of the air conditioning, but for the first time in years the coat sat on the back of my chair untouched!”

From her testimony in my book «The Vitamin D Lifestyle and Recipe Book»

Even Dr.Fauci (like him or not), has recently admitted that he takes Vitamin D and Vitamin C to lessen susceptibility to infection - not the drugs and vaccines that he usually recommends!

Are you scared of taking too much Vitamin D3?

You don't have to be, Vitamin D3 is not as toxic as you most likely have been led to believe. Let me show you how much you can take safely.


More Testimonials

The "Sunshine Vitamin" D3 used to be widely prescribed against all kind of diseases from about 1900 - 1950, but today due to government regulations (or more likely big Pharma lobbying against it) the use of Vitamin D3 seems more like a best kept secret.

Before & After "Sunshine Therapy"

Tuberculosis Luposa patient from ca 1920-1930

Before & After Vitamin D3 supplementation

Psoriasis patient from 2018

Here's what you will learn in this 3-part email series:

What you think you know about Vitamin D3 might really be harmful to you and keeping you sick. 🧐 Sorry for the drastic words, but I have talked with too many people who think they know what to do, listen to their doctors, and all the "experts" yet still get worse.

This email series is my way of helping you to find out what is really true.

I have spent over 6 years fatigued and sick and no doctor could find out what was wrong, let alone come up with a treatment plan for me. I've had to look at other options, had to overcome my fears, try out different supplements and protocols, studied nutrition, became a certified Brain Health Coach & Practitioner, wrote «The Vitamin D Lifestyle and Recipe Book» and made a course about Vitamin D3 and supporting your body naturally.

  • Myths about Vitamin D3
  • The basics of Vitamin D3 supplementation 
  • What role your genes/ DNA have (and not have)
  • Vitamin D3 for black/ dark skin
  • How much Vitamin D3 you can take safely
  • Other important Cofactors & things to know
  • My Story with Endometriosis, Fatigue, suspected MS and Vitamin D3

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Learn WHY and HOW to use Vitamin D3 to boost your immune system!